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Palm Tree Computers

A Mobile Technology Company 

Phoenix, AZ

   Tel: 602-571-4648    Fax: 602-861-3501

Hours of Operation:     Mon -Fr   8:00 - 5:00      Sat  9:00 - 2:00     

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(Frequently Asked Questions)








Q:  What makes you different from Dell, Gateway, Compaq or Hewlett Packard?

A:  Simple. SERVICE. Since we are local and live here ( and for the most part plan to) we are able to offer personalized one on one service. If you have a problem we are just a local phone call away. If the problem can't be fixed over the phone, we are less then an hour from any place in the valley. We'll come to you, you don't have to bring the computer to us.

Q:  What if I call and no one is there to help me?

A:  On very rare, and we mean VERY rare occasions you will not be able to reach us directly. On all of our answering services we provide a direct phone number to Rico's personal, non published except for here mobile phone. If you can't reach us through one of those phone numbers, send us an email through one of the links under contact us. 95% of all calls are returned within 2 hours. So take a deep breath, we didn't sail off the end of the world. (It is round isn't it?)

Q:  What if you do fall of the end of the earth, who is going to take care of me and my computer?

A:  Simple, we are. How you ask? Well, before we take a vacation, move or otherwise we will post  a contact list of certified technicians who will work on all of your warranty issues. Instead of reaching your own personal tech, you will get a substitute tech, just like in school when your teacher was sick. All of the same warranty rules apply but any individual tech may be inclined to do a little more then warranty work at no additional cost to you. Remember, you will always get at least the quality of workmanship and customer service from any technician as you would from the Penguin, or Rico, him/herself

.Q: What if you build me a computer and i just can't get it to work or am not happy with it  ?

A:  As with all of our work, we strive to make you happy. If a component is not up to speed, we will do our best to upgrade you at no or minimal cost. if you simply need a higher powered video card then the one we agreed to build into your system for example, if you purchase the new card, we will be glad to install it for you for free.

(note: some limitations do apply to upgrades)

Up to two weeks (14 days) from delivery if  you are simply not happy with the computer and we have been to your house to resolve the issue and could not, we will gladly buy the system back from you. after two weeks, we will bring the system back into our shop and rebuild it from the ground up . Between 14 and 28 days (1 month)  we can only offer a 50% buy back.

After 28 days ( 1 month) and up to 365 days , 1 year, we will continue to work on your system either in your home or at our shop at no additional expense to resolve the problems.

We want you to be happy with your computer is the bottom line. we will do whatever is reasonable and not financially suicidal to make you happy.

if the first problem arises after 30 days, call us, talk to us, we will work with you.

Q:  I got a virus from some music I was downloading, will you replace my system?

A:  Short answer, no. Long answer, we will help you get rid of the nasty virus, restore your system to it's original state and probably give you a short lecture about the problems associated with music and software piracy. That having been said, viruses are not something we can warranty against, we will work with you to get you ailing system back up on its feet at the lowest cost possible.

Q:  How do I know that you will still be in business a year from now?

A:  In life there are no guarantees. We want to be in business for a very long time. We are not in this for the short run. We build our company one computer at a time. With every computer we build, repair or upgrade we have a greater chance for longevity. If you really want to help us and you like the work we have done for you, refer  us to a friend.

Q:  Why do you use Microsoft windows? Aren't they the  evil empire?

A:  We recommend Microsoft Windows platforms because, simply put, they are the most commonly used, the easiest to find compatible software for and with the advent of Windows XP perhaps the most stable of any operating system out there. (Ignore the last statement when talking about Windows 98,95 and especially ME). I know there a Unix and Linux people laughing their collective kiesters off at that statement. Yes, in a large server environment, Unix/BSD, etc is somewhat more stable, however, very few people ever need those kinds of machines at home. Apple users, yes OS X and 10.2 are good operating systems, it is rather curious though that it took Mr. Jobs 20 years or so to release a useful stable platform. Also to all of the naysayers about Windows, riddle me this. If windows is so horrible, why do 95% of the computers  in the world run some version of it? I mean Linux is free and OSX is great so why haven't people switched. Unfair competition, hardly... try compatibility and ease of use.

     Now that we have offended Mac and Linux users let us extend an olive branch. If you want Linux installed, we have no problem with that, we'll do it for you. If you want a Mac, then go buy a Mac,(just be ready for the sticker shock) we can't build them. Their hardware is mostly proprietary.. And just so you don't think we are snobs, this webpage is hosted on a Unix server, designed on an MacG4 tower using Microsoft software. So take that!!!

Q:  Where do you buy your parts?

A:  We don't kiss and tell, seriously, about 50% local, about 50% special order direct from manufacturers.

.Q:  If you guys are so good, why does your web page look so simple? ( I  am unimpressed)

A:  Because we are computer techs and builders, not graphic design people. We focus on what we do best. Being a jack of all trades and the master of none is fine if you want to be second best. That's not our goal.

Q:  Can I have my system shipped to me out of state?

A:  Sure, you will just have to pay the shipping and insurance.

Q:  Why don't you take credit cards or have an 800 number?

A:  Simple answer. Credit card processing fees and transaction fees can add anywhere from 2 - 5% per computer, same with 800 numbers, they add to the cost of overhead. If we have to pay more for stuff, you have to pay more for stuff and neither of us wants that. Besides, we're a local company, the call is free and as the Penguin once wrote, " If it ain't foldin'...it ain't golden. If it's change it's chump.

Q:   My friend said he could put a copy of his software on my machine for free. Why should I pay you guys to do it?

A:  Short answer. Jail time for piracy. Long answer, software piracy is a FELONY, just as stealing a car is. Aside from that, if you call the vendor of the software when you are having a problem with it, first they won't help you, second they will scold you for stealing software and thirdly they might even report you to the piracy police. Are those headaches worth the $79 you just saved from buying a legal copy?

Q:   Will you install my existing software on to a new system? What about copying my data files over to a new system?

A:   If we take the operating system off of one system we can certainly reinstall it on another. We can't just install a second copy on to a new system. ( see the previous question for why). Yes we will reinstall all of the software programs you have licenses for and transferring data files, though not without some risk is relatively easy. We recommend  you back up all critical data to a removable media just incase something goes horribly wrong in the data transfer process.

Q:   How often should I back up my data files?

A:  It all depends on what your threshold of pain is. If you absolutely can not live without some files, back them up immediately after any changes have been made to them. If they are only semi important, once a week or so should be ok for the average home user. Again, ask yourself, how much data am i willing or able to lose without pulling my hair out!!

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